American Medical Centers

American Medical Centers is a network of Western-standard clinics on the territories of Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan. The AMC clinics employ specialists in family medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, psychotherapy and other medical spheres.
Key moments
6 sites – one platform
In the frames of one site landing pages for six clinics were implemented. Each page has its content and functionality
Video start-up screen
Emotional video clips with auto start in the upper part of the site
Regional snap
Depending on the region where the user entered the site there is a display of the page of the nearest clinic
Unusual side menu
Original interface effects were implemented

To create an integrated site for six representative offices in three countries in a way that each clinic has its own landing page with its own functionality.

Pecularities in the work on the project
  • Multi-stage detailed approval obtaining
  • In fact, six different sites were created and united in a single platform
In the work on the site we:
  • Made an unusual start-up screen of a series of emotional video clips
  • Worked out original interface effects, such as a moving out side menu
  • Created a regional snap: depending on the region where the user is situated a page of the nearest clinic is opened
  • A different selection of languages for each page
  • Each clinic’s page is created as a landing one and has its own set of information blocks, its functionality and content
  • Administrative part is simplified and changed in accordance with the client’s needs