Keramin is a well-known Belorussian producer of ceramic tiles and sanitary ceramics. The site was developed for Limited liability company GARANTTRADE which is an official distributor of Keramin brand in Ukraine.
Key moments
Display of collections
The products included in any collection are seen right on the main page
Interactive map
Identifies your location and shows the nearest points-of-sale
Online calculator
The possibility not only to work out the cost, but also get a detailed print copy with articles and prices
Interactive functionality which allows attaching a product card to the picture of the interior with a pre-view

To create a site for a herbicide product which would introduce the Roundup products to farmers, boost sales and help fight with fakes.

The pecularities in the work on the project
  • A lot of ideas not characteristic of internet-shops were implemented: a calculator, an interactive map, collections, interior and others.
  • A quality presentation of the wide range of products meant the necessity to develop a system of search filters.
  • The display of collections on the main page: not only a general view but also a list of the products included in the collections.
  • An interactive map which allows identifying your location and shows the nearest shops where to buy Keramin products.
  • An on-line calculator which helps the user to work out the cost of the selected tiles for a certain area size of the room, download the calculations and get a detailed document with all articles and prices.
  • Interactive functionality “Interiors” which allows attaching product cards to certain elements of the image as well as displaying the users a pre-view of the product card just on the picture with the interior.
  • Interactive selection of fugue (tile grout)