We are a team of professional developers and marketers.
Every day we work to make life easier for businesses on the Internet.
We make websites, we promote them, and we manage advertising

Web Agency developing corporate website, e-commerce projects

Despite the war in Ukraine, the JetBrain team is in touch and continues to work.

Today, all Project Managers are in touch with clients and with each other. We continue to work and fulfill all obligations to customers without delay and on time. At the moment, our client portfolio mainly consists of English-language projects in the foreign markets and socially significant projects in the local Ukrainian market.

Our specialization
  • Attract search and paid traffic and increase conversions:
  • Web development:

Big business trusts us

In 2021 we’ve worked on those projects:

  1. – Producers Without Border website WordPress
  2. – Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry website WordPress
  3. – landing pages for Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry
  4. – Atlanta’s Premier Kids Birthday Party Venue portal with Private Cabinets
    ODOO + ODOO ERP + ODOO CRM + Integrations and Customization
  5. – marketplace for sell or buy the land in Ukraine
    Laravel + React.js + API integration with scoring system + Private Cabinet for seller or buyer
  6. In Progress under NDA – Crypto Profile Tracker Service – as an analog to
  7. In Progress under NDA – Official dealer of Ford truck in Ukraine – First Project – Catalog to choose and buy Ford chassis and customization. Second Project –  Spare Parts e-commerce system B2B+B2C e-commerce with integration with ERP system + Private Cabinets with individual prices, order history, financial history, and others.
    Laravel + React.js + Private Cabinet for seller or buyer
  8. In Progress under NDA – Mobile Application  – as an analog to Focusly App with video lessons and tutorials.
    Laravel + React Native
  9. In Progress under NDA – E-commerce platform for the dropshipping network, Poland
    WordPress + integration with AliExpress + payment systems
  10. – career portal for KERNEL.
    WordPress + integrations + Rest API
  11. – information website for Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional
  12. – information website WordPress
  13. – website for brick development factory with online price list
  14. – image website for Sunflower Oil Brand with canvas animation
  15. – website for consultancy service company
    WordPress + multisite
  16. Internet Marketing Promotion for the two Plastic Surgery Clinics, E-commerce stores – SEO, contextual and targeted advertisement.
  17. System Internet Marketing Service for Golf Center Kyiv, Confectionery chain – developing and internet-marketing strategy, clients questionnaire, competitor audit, and others.

Our team

JetBrain Team for 2022:

  • Business Development specialist – 1, senior, full time
  • Project Manager – 2, middle+,  full time
  • Designer – 1, senior, part-time
  • Full-stack developer – 1, senior, full time
  • Full-stack developer – 2, middle, full time
  • Front-end developer – 3, middle++, full time
  • Back-end developer – 1, middle++,  full time
  • Back-end developer – 1, senior,  part-time
  • Content manager – 1, middle,  full time
  • Marketing Specialist – 1, middle, fulltime
  • SEO-specialist – 1, senior,  full time
  • Contextual, targeted advertising specialist – 1, senior,  full time
  • Social Media Marketing specialist – 1, middle+,  part-time

Development Stack:

  • WordPress
  • OpenCart
  • Laravel
  • React.js
  • React Native
  • Nuxt.js
  • Canvas animation

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