Website development for a company

Internet presentation of your business

A website is not just a face of your company in the Internet, but also it is a working tool with a great potential. Virtually any business process can be optimized with the help of web products. We will help you to get the most of your company website opportunities.

What website development for a company gives you

Image tool
Source of the information about a company
Advertising promotion tool
Way of communication with customers

Advantages of website development for a company at JetBrain

Our company has been developing websites for 13 years, having implemented dozens of projects during this time. We know what users look for. We know what modern web technologies are capable of. We use our knowledge for your benefit.

Individual solution for your business
Professional embodiment of every detail
Wide range of functions means great opportunities
Fresh look and unconventional approach

Components of website development for a company


Preliminary audit

We will study your business, its structure and tasks carefully, in order to offer the most complete and functional solution that meets the requirements of all departments of your company.

Technical assignment preparation

We will offer opportunities that can be implemented through a site, coordinate their integration and plan technical assignment up to the allocated budget.

Design development and programming

We will develop a website on a ready-made platform or make an individual solution for you. We will design and fill it with a content and test it in different browsers.

Website Promotion

Basic work on the website promotion begins at the stage of layout and filling the site with information. If needed this work continues after the launching.

What affects the cost of website development for a company?

Desired functional
A number of people making the decision
A number of individual modules
Terms of implementation