Landing page development

Effective landing pages for your offers

Landing page is an effective solution for selling specific products or services. Such a single-page website attracts attention and directs the user to perform the targeted action – to make an order or leave contact information.

What landing page development gives you

Purposeful sale of a particular product or service
Gathering of information about potential customers
Gathering of information about potential customers
Convenient form for special offers, presentations, event announcements

Advantages of landing page development at JetBrain

We have developed landing pages that successfully sold all goods and continue selling them. We understand consumer’s psychology and we are able to formulate offers in order to buy goods or services that are impossible to refuse.

We develop highly effective landing pages with catchy ideas, designs and texts
Not only selling content, but also an optimized form for promotion
It is possible to develop several landing pages for one ad campaign
We offer innovative solutions and interesting design options

Components of effective landing page development



Discussion of advertising campaign, search of USP (unique selling proposition), choice of stylistics, preparation of images and composing of selling texts.

Landing page development

Designing of landing page based on text and animation blocks.

Testing and adjustment

During the initial period of landing page functioning, we track its effectiveness and make adjustments as well as look for ways to increase the conversion rate if sales results are not satisfying.

Advertising promotion

If necessary, we set up and conduct an advertising campaign designed to lead users to landing page.

What affects the cost of landing page development

Uniqueness of promoted goods/services
The amount of information that should be reflected
Terms of implementation
A number of versions