Technical assignment formation

A key to getting the expected result in the process of website development

Technical assignment is a document which directly affects the quality of your website. The more accurate and correct the technical assignment is, the less difficulties arise in the process of website development. Preferences for design, hosting and functionality of the site are regulated with the help of technical assignment.

What technical assignment formation gives you

A real understanding of work principles and website functions
A clear vision of expected project results
An opportunity for all sides to find a common language
Formalization of requirements related to design, adaptability, hosting, etc.

Advantages of technical assignment formation at JetBrain

We have developed sites of different complexity for a long time and we are well aware of technologies and principles of their development . This experience allows us to prepare technical assignment for other developers.

You can refer to any developer with our technical assignment
We think through site architecture with the possibility of further extensions when scaling business up
We elaborate technical assignment to the last detail understandable for novice developers
We work through functionality of any complexity

Components of effective technical assignment formation


Pre-project survey

We will study the market and competitors' sites in order to understand how to accentuate your uniqueness and what to offer potential users of your website.

Needs identifying

We will communicate with you and analyze your business to understand your requirements concerning the site and functions that you would like to implement.

Offering solutions

Based on the experience of previous works we will offer you possible solutions to achieve objectives.

Formalization into a single document

Your website will be developed according to the result of all researches and discussions as well as your wishes and ways of their implementation which we will systematize into a single document.

What affects the cost of technical assignment formation

Amount of functionality you want to implement
Size of working group
Urgency of implementation
Originality of a project