Formation of business requirements to the project

Proper planning of your online business

Business requirements – a document that records interests of business owners and target audience, describes tools for meeting these interests and possible prospects for the development of the project in case of tools implementation.

What formation of business requirements to the project gives you

Elaboration of different development strategies and hypothesis testing
A clear direction of project development and subordination of all functions to a single concept
Preliminary assessment of possible costs
A customer gets a clear understanding of the project structure

Advantages of formation of business requirements to the project at JetBrain

We offer a unique service for the site development market. During the formation of business requirements, our objective is to give you the simpliest, the most effective and affordable way to build and develop your business using web technologies. We do not sell our services or technologies, we sell individual solutions for your business.

An experience. We participate in meetings as web consultants, sales consultants as well as technical policy experts
We carry out professional modeling of possible development strategies
We will keep your business out of possible losses due to proper forecasting
We arrange all thoughts on the project development in a convenient document, which can be accessed at any stage of the project

Components of effective formation of business requirements to the project


Communication with business owners

Customer's expectations and opportunities for the business development are discussed during meetings and strategic sessions.

Mapping project formation

On the basis of communication we make a mind-map - an outline paper which contains all announced thoughts, sketches and questions that require clarification. The workload of the project implementation and the approximate investment size become clear at this stage.

Formation of business requirements in DOC files

Once the project map is agreed we form a final document that describes goals, objectives, target audience, main stages of development and necessary investments.

Budget drafting

As part of the fixed business requirements we write down the order of spendings: which investments are required from the start, which will be needed in a month as well as a year later, etc.

What affects the cost of formation of business requirements to the project

A number of meetings
The complexity of the project (standard or individual)
A number of defined strategies
Terms of implementation