Targeted advertising

Advertising right on target

Targeted advertising will allow you to appeal to an audience that is not looking for your products or services directly, but may be interested in them by indirect causes. Your offer will be considered with special attention, if you choose users by place of residence, age, interests.

What targeted advertising gives you

Hint for a potential audience
Address to the right target audience
Client base extension
Brand recognition

Advantages of targeted advertising at JetBrain

Long-term experience in conducting various social networks advertising campaigns confirm our ability to increase sales of a product or service due to targeted advertising. Entrust us with your promotion and feel a positive result.

All types of targeting: geographic, behavioral, time, etc.
Professionally created ads: a catchy picture and a selling text
Efficiency monitoring and dynamic advertising management
We understand your clients’ psychology and we will reach everybody

Components of effective targeted advertising


Choice of audience

We will analyze an audience to understand which group of users will be interested in your offer most of all. In accordance with analysis results, we configure targets based on age-groups, interests, geographical distribution and other options.

Advertisement composing

To attract users’ attention for sure is necessary to understand consumer’s psychology and to compose an advertising taking into account peculiarities of the audience.

Ads settings

We will select the most effective advertising platforms as well as the type of advertising to promote your services and products.

Monitoring and reporting

We control the advertising effectiveness in live mode, change Ads settings to increase coverage and effectiveness. All results are reported and sent to you regularly.

What affects the cost of targeted advertising

Audience size
Promoted product/service uniqueness
Retargeting tuning