Development of content strategy

Master plan of communication with users

Content strategy is your action plan for a certain period of time. It reflects the main tools, publications’ type, subject and message, which will produce the necessary influence on users and lead them to the desired action.

What development of content strategy gives you

A common goal, an action plan for all publications on your behalf
A holistic picture of what should be done
Forecast of efficiency for a certain period
Consolidation of all ways to influence the audience

Advantages of content strategy development at JetBrain

We involve marketers in development of content strategy for each publication to be not only useful and interesting but also be able to sell. We plan a filling of your site and social networks as well as policy for conducting e-mail marketing and publications on third-party resources.

We build a content strategy from a marketing perspective
Experience of online communications allows us to predict users’ reaction
We develop strategies for a different period of time (a month, a quarter, a year and much longer)
We adjust existing content in order to match the strategy

Сomponents of effective content strategy development


Analysis of your brand

We study your offers, what are your differences with competitors and your unique tricks, what is the goal of your brand.

Research of target audience

Who are these people you appeal to? What are their interests, what language do they speak, how they behave in the Internet?

Selection of direction vector

Content strategy builds the path to your goal and provides recommendations on platforms for posting, frequency and topic of posts, the type of publications (text, video, images), their style, etc.

Analysis of existing content

We will study those materials that are already posted on your site or your pages in social networks for their compliance with the chosen strategy and advise how to improve them.

What affects the cost of content strategy development

Covered period of time
Peculiarities of your business
A number of platforms for content placement
Budget allocated for content development