Development of business card website

Minimum investment - maximum presentability

A business card website is a convenient and affordable way to make yourself known to as many users as possible. Business card website allows you to tell about your possibilities, attract by special offers, expand the audience through advertising at minimal investments.

What development of business card website gives you

A required element of a modern image
Conveniently structured information about you or your company
Increased confidence of partners and customers
Tool for advertising promotion

Advantages of development of business card website at JetBrain

A team of experts will be engaged in development of your website: template designers, graphic designers, copywriters. Everyone is responsible for his or her part and as a result you will get an impeccable holistic product.

A team of experts will work on the site
Our business card website can be developed into more functional resource
We set basic possibilities for promotion even at the layout stage
We implement adaptive layout for correct display on all devices

Components of effective development of business card website


Market research and development of technical assignment

We study not only your business but the entire sphere of your work for the most complete and accurate presentation of your company or your services. We make a technical assignment together with a customer, where all requirements to the site are written.

Work on design and content + programming

A graphic design plays an important role for business card website because it affects directly users’ perception and it is an important part of the company's image. We will develop several design options to choose the perfect one.

Website hosting and maintenance

We will register the domain, choose hosting service, place the site in the Internet and maintain it in future.

Promotion and support

If necessary, we will manage advertising and SEO-promotion of your website as well as maintain its information and technical support.

What affects the cost of development of business card website

Platform used in website development
A number of implemented modules
Necessity of further promotion
Site customization