E-mail marketing
Your direct conversation/line of communication with a client

Many business owners underestimate the capabilities of e-mail marketing, seeing it as annoying spam. Meanwhile, a well-built strategy and a well-written letters can increase your sales.

What e-mail marketing gives you
Address to the loyal customers who have subscribed to the mailing
Support of relationship with existing customers
Promotion of resales
Broadening of a client base

Advantages of e-mail marketing at JetBrain

Do you want your letters to be not only viewed by users but also to be saved to “Favorites”? Do you want to increase sales after each mailing? – Entrust us with the development and implementation of e-mail marketing!

Collaboration of marketers and copywriters for maximum efficiency
No spam - our e-mails are really interesting and useful
More than just letters - we send multicomponent messages (photo, video, redirect to the site or to the purchase form, etc.) to the addressees.
Collection of analytical data on the results of communication with users

Components of effective e-mail marketing
Study of business
We analyze your business, the market position, your target audience and contacts base.
Strategy development
We plan the implementation of mailing: frequency, style, targeting, triggers, etc.
Content preparation
Each letter is being prepared by us as a separate project - text, design, layout, site visit, etc.
Collection of statistics
After each mailing, we collect statistics, analyze the effectiveness of each letter and make changes in order to improve the conversion rate of the next wave of emails.

What affects the cost of e-mail marketing
Frequency of mailing
A number of recipients
Sphere of your business
Necessity to connect additional tools