QA, QC and testing

Everything works exactly as it should!

QA, Quality Assurance – quality control of the processes that are performed during website development: from design development to documentation procedures. QC, Quality Control – control of implemented product quality and its efficiency. Both types of testing are essential for successful operation of web products.

What QA, QC and testing gives you

Errors absence in work and display of the site
Confidence in all processes
Final check before launching a website
Convenience for users

Advantages of QA, QC and testing at JetBrain

Not only experienced testers are in our team but experienced developers as well. They will identify errors in the website and provide actionable recommendations to remove them.

Automatic and manual testing of websites
Checking of existing resources with the aim of improving
Errors detection and recommendations for their elimination
Integrated approach

Components of effective QA, QC and testing


Functional testing

Check of site security, correctness of work, quality of integration with other systems

Compatibility and cross-browser check

Check of website display quality on different devices and in different browsers

Effectiveness check

Check of website compliance with its functions, whether there are failures and discrepancies and how quickly the site is loaded

Usability testing

Website usability checking in terms of ordinary user

What affects the cost of QA, QC and testing

A number of browsers and devices used in site testing
Necessity and duration of manual testing
A number of tested features: layout, design, functionality, etc.
Automation of test cases (SQL Map, Commix, DOMinatorPro, Metasploit, Acunetix, WebScarab, HTTP Brute Force Tester)