Search website audit

Detailed site check to improve its visibility in search engines

It is important to promote site correctly in order to sell your services but not only present them. Search website audit allows to verify readiness of your resource for promotion and helps to improve its visibility in search engine results page.

What search website audit gives you

Real assessment of site technical condition and its readiness for promotion
Detection of weaknesses in SEO
Promotion strategy development
Correction of existing promotion in order to get better results

Advantages of search website audit at JetBrain

Our team has a work experience with sites of different formats and sizes. We check equally carefully both single-page websites as well as multi-functional web portals.

Complex search and technical analysis
Optimization test for mobile and desktop devices
Analysis of resource usability
Professional tips for improvement and finalization

Components of search website audit


Analysis of the semantic core and indexation verification

Having studied your field of activity, we select the most relevant queries, cluster them and define how an indexation of each page of the site is done.

Analysis of the technical part and code verification

We estimate the download speed of the site, accuracy of redirects, evaluate metatags, study code integrity and correctness of hosting work, check links to pages 404.

Content verification

We study all the content of the site in terms of text optimization as well as check uniqueness and frequency of keywords and compliance with other search engine requirements.

Report preparation and strategy development

We will give you a detailed description of identified defects and tips on site improvement for better search engines indexation.

What affects the cost of search website audit

A number of promoted search queries
A number of analyzed pages
Availability of additional languages
Terms of implementation