Website support

Your quietness in any situation

A good website is like a living thing. It changes, growth, promotes, gets new functions and new designs. The support of experienced developers will ensure the success of your resource inspite of all emerging tasks.

What website support gives you

Timely updating of information
Guarantee of smooth functioning
Promotion and scaling of the project
Modernization abreast of the times

Advantages of websites support at JetBrain

Our specialists have an extensive experience in websites managing – from initial layout to promotion and advertising. Entrusting us with the support of your web resource you will get a reliable team of assistants who ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of your website.

Technical and informational support
New trends and technologies tracking
Full range of services
Support including weekends and holidays

Components of effective websites support


Updating of website information

Regular updating of news and texts, blogging, selection of photos, pictures, etc.

Technical support

A permanent control of website operation, quick error fixes, making changes and additions to the code, control of hosting.

Backup and data storage

Backup of information from the website and possibility of its quick recovery in force majeure situations.


Ensuring the security of your website through hacking tracking and protection against vulnerabilities.

What affects the cost of websites support

Source code structure and platform used in website development
A number of updated data
Technologies used on the site
The term of the contract