Evidence-based marketing marketing vs. classic

What is "evidence-based marketing"?

Companies that implement marketing are not always able to create a quality system. Often it is just a set of promotional tools that can attract clients. But a systematic approach in marketing is able not only to reduce costs, but also to prepare the company for development.

Who would you trust your health – a doctor who diagnoses you based on external symptoms and sends you home for treatment with a list of medications, or a doctor, who first diagnoses the patient and, based on the tests, prescribes treatment with proven efficacy and follows the dynamics of the disease?

We believe you are in favor of the second option. And in business, not all specialists take the “evidence base”. Yes, not always the entrepreneur for making decisions has the necessary data:

  • sufficient experience
  • statistical data
  • access to specialized information.

Therefore, managers are forced to do marketing “blindly”, relying on their own senses, knowledge, intuition or otherwise.

How often do they audit the strategy? How often do they monitor the results of marketing campaigns? Or are they interested in statistics? Do they interpret the information in the report accurately? Or can they predict the results of marketing activities?  In most cases, “no” to all marketing campaigns.

Can a typical business – not a big brand, not a corporation – implement evidence-based marketing? Yes, they can. How much will it cost? Depends on the level of maturity of the company and its leader. But certainly less than the losses from unsystematic marketing.

Our team has considerable experience in building systematic evidence-based marketing, which is based on the integration of all marketing activities into a single complex comprehensible for the manager monitoring.

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