Who has the key to your business?

Protection of company accounts - the first rule of work on the Internet

The majority of us have taken care, so that the most important persons would be safe. Did you and I forget so much about our own business? Now it's not about physical assets, it's about the online assets of your business.

Our experience shows that business owners and managers, while they are busy developing their business and performing a multitude of tasks, often overlook the protection of their online resources. And while about the safety of the sites at least indefinitely, other accounts of the company are completely unprotected. 

It is common to give access to various accounts to employees, hired outsourcers, and forbid them revoke access when they are dismissed. Even the owner does not always have the login/password to the accounts. And meanwhile every day we see a few messages in social networks from our friends, clients and partners that their accounts or the site was compromised, or a scammer stole their email. Those who have already experienced it, know how much time and effort it costs to update their own pages. When it comes to the site, it takes a lot of money and time.

Wait, it is much easier to do business when there is inner peace. So do not postpone, make at least a small step to regain control over your accounts. If your employees do not have the time or skills, we are ready to take on the issue of security of your Internet assets.

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