Security of Internet assets

Protection of personal and organizational public-facing websites from cyberattacks

Protect your business' internet assets to prevent hackers' breaches

Every business is vulnerable, especially when you operate in unpredictable internet conditions. You can lose online assets got throughout the whole history of your business in a flash. As you are an expert in your market, your work and reputation are valuable, therefore it is important to ensure the security of your Internet assets as well.

What are Internet Assets?

These are your company’s Internet resources that are involved in generating sales, increasing knowledge about a service or product, disseminating information, and are responsible for communicating with customers:

business account
on Facebook
business account
in TikTok
business account
on Instagram
business account
on LinkedIn account
OLX account
Google Ads cabinet
Facebook Business Manager account
mail account
Telegram business
Viber business
WhatsApp business
account etc.

Audit and security adjustment is needed to obtain control over your resources, as well as:

to keep your online business running smoothly
to avoid spending money on the site and business reputation restoring
not to waste precious time when the sales season comes
to be confident and calm about your business

When to order information security setup

Right now!

When more than 20% of your company`s sales are generated by the website
When website development costs more than $800
When the site has been running for over 9 months
When contextual or targeted ads are running
When an attack is happening right now and you need to stop it and you do not know what to do
When a company cares about its security - economic, financial, informational, IT security

You have probably dealt with this before:

You have two options now:

  • as long as your business has not been attacked by hackers, you save and extend the performance of Internet assets, as well as your money, time and effort
  • when your business is attacked: there is a chance to save your Internet assets and all the infrastructure of your business tied to them

Why should contact us

  1. We have protected and restored over 20 websites
  2. We improved the security of our clients’ online assets and achieved an 87% reduction in the significant negative consequences of attacks
  3. We saved our clients over UAH 6 million by ensuring proper IT security
  4. We ourselves have been in such a situation and successfully got out of it
  5. More than 93% of our clients confirm that their anxiety disappeared after they start working with us

Working stages

Conducting a comprehensive security audit of your business's Internet assets
Submission of a step-by-step work plan based on the results of a security check of the site, accounts and other Internet assets
Elimination of the gaps found in the security of Internet assets: domain names, websites, hosting, threats to the image and business reputation on the Internet
Monitoring indicators and maintenance of the health of your online assets


Website security audit, current situation report
Developing an Action Plan
Technical Settings
Monitoring and Support