How often should the site be redesigned to stay on the trend?

Order a new site, make a redesign or leave as is?

In the pursuit of fashion, some companies try to update the design of their site every year. When will updates benefit your business, and when - will be a waste of money and time?

When a customer raises such a question, our business development specialist and marketer asks the following question: “Why?” The most common answers are:

  • Site is already 5 (10,12,15 years old) and it does not look fashionable.
  • The new director is coming and does not like the old site.
  • Site stopped bringing in customers.

Only in the latter case it is possible to update the site. Only if you know that the problem is with the site, and not with the promotion strategy, low budget, server or hosting. We believe your marketer will find the answer.

Is it necessary to make a new site? Not necessarily. In most cases it is enough to brighten up the design (update colors, fonts, change the blocks of information, add / delete pages), and update the text information. If the site shows sufficient performance, meets modern technical requirements of search engines, web hosting and other parameters, it is not necessary to change the entire complex.

If you do not have a marketer who can analyze the problem, contact us. We have a service of technical support. Our specialists conduct site audits and automatically give recommendations to the owner of the site for updates or upgrades, so that the site held and improved position.

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