Audit and implementation of mini CRM-systems

Opportunity not to miss a single customer!

Mini CRM is a convenient customer relationship management system that allows you to organize information about customers and orders, automate part of the work with them and it is also convenient to allocate tasks within the team and monitor their performance.

What implementation of mini CRM-systems gives you

A single client base in a convenient format
Clear setting and control of tasks within a team
Simple financial reporting (accounts receivable and payable balances)
Tracking the state of business

Advantages of mini CRM-systems implementation at JetBrain

We offer CRM-system in a format that allows you to implement up to 80% of functions of “large” systems, at a cost of only 20% of their price! Convenient opportunities for conducting business are implemented in this system as well as constant communication with a large number of customers. All this is possible to customize for your business!

A good price and great possibilities
Flexible adaptation to the type of your business
Trial period for maximum efficiency
Website integration

Components of effective implementation of mini CRM-systems



Pre-project research of business processes that are the subject to automation, implementation and initial configuration of our CRM-system.

Initial setup and test drive

We set up the system according to your needs and provide an opportunity to work in the system. Over a certain period of time (usually a month), the system works in normal mode with the loads and tasks that are standard for your business. During this period you fix changes, suggestions, additions to the system.

Finalization of the system according to your needs

All changes and suggestions are made and the system is transferred back to work.

Further support

Our experts are always available for you. If necessary they can implement extensions and refinements, maintain and introduce updated system at any time.

What affects the cost of implementation of mini CRM-systems

Uniqueness of your business
A team size
Need for additional developments
A number of included functions