Web consulting
Search of effective solutions for business development in the Internet

We will study your business carefully, learn its needs and opportunities, analyze risks and offer the most effective tools, methods and web products for its development in the Internet.

What web consulting gives you
Careful analysis of your business state and its position in the Internet
Elaboration of development strategies and check of hypotheses on credibility and viability
Preparation of financial models: budget calculation for different strategies
Best web tools selection to achieve your goals

Advantages of web consulting at JetBrain

We analyze not only your online resources but also your business in general. After all a good website is not a goal, but it is an instrument for achieving aims. We help to see the goal and we know how to make the site as effective as possible.

Real assessment of prospects
A great arsenal of web tools
Broad coverage of business areas
Accuracy of forecasts

Components of effective web consulting
Business needs audit
We will simply penetrate into your business, study needs of each division of your company in order to make the most accurate and complete picture of your business development.
Providing of Internet marketing strategies
We will work out several strategies for different formats of presence in the Internet (weak, good, very good) as well as for different terms (six months, a year). We will write down opportunities and prospects for each strategy.
Decision Analysis
We will analyze effectiveness of used web tools and offer new software solutions for your business, which can be ready or developed individually for you.
Development of financial model for each strategy
We will calculate the budget for each strategy, indicate not only necessary investments but also expected conversion rates. We will provide the analysis of financial prospects of the controversial hypotheses.

What affects the cost of web consulting
Business size
A number of people who make a decision
A number of set goals
Existence of limiting factors