Contextual advertising setup
Opportunity not to miss a single customer!

We will create the most effective advertising campaign with the highest possible conversion. If your contextual advertising has already been launched but its effectiveness is not satisfying or you have new advertising offers – reconfigure your Ads!

What contextual advertising setup gives you
Sales improvement
A client will know about you instantly
The target audience see your Ads
Reduction of advertising costs

Advantages of contextual advertising setup at JetBrain

Our experts will help you to launch contextual advertising from scratch or optimize existing advertising campaign. We work in different markets from industrial sales to design services.

Effective allocation of your budget
Launch of Ads on the same day
Remarketing setup
Qualified specialists certified by Yandex and Google

Components of effective contextual advertising setup
Audit of current advertising campaign
We will study carefully all active advertisements and their effectiveness, check the settings and a click cost, find opportunities for improvement.
Individual solutions selection to improve effectiveness
Depending on your goals we will offer you solutions that reduce the cost of advertising and/or increase coverage and conversion rate.
Implementation and efficiency monitoring
We use the best industry development in order to manage contextual advertising.
Reporting and analysis
During the advertising we provide regular reporting on its effectiveness and cost, compile an analytical summary that reflects all the results.

What affects the cost of contextual advertising setup
Status of the initial advertising campaign
Uniqueness of your offer
A number of sites for promotion
A number of advertised products or services