Mandarin Maison is a luxury shop in the city centre, the House of l’art de la table culture and gifts and the place for presentations and tasting sessions. There are over 200 world luxury brands in the shop’s assortment and the services provided include interior design and decoration.
Key moments
Static footer
footer is always visible while scrolling
Unusual menu
original ‘moving’ menu on MDesign page
Original CAPTCHA
not boring authentication code on the tenants’ page
Adaptive slider
a slide-show on the main page adaptive to devices
Peculstities in the work on the project
  • The work on the site was carried out parallel to the birth of a business idea, therefore, in the process of concept forming it was necessary to redesign the site’s elements on numerous occasions.
  • There are no small details in the projects of a luxury type – the attention is drawn to every pixel on the screen. Therefore, working on creation of the whole image each dot has to be perfect.
  • Multi-vector nature of Mandarin Maison project involves extremely different formats of site content: from a catalogue of the brands offered in the shop to registration for cooking workshops and communications with tenants.
in the work on the site we:
  • maximum attention was paid to content submission: infographics, original images, thoroughly chosen fonts
  • developed original solutions in functionality (fixed elements while page scrolling, move-out side buttons, language change according to the region being viewed)
  • worked out a modern laconic design which corresponds to the level of the company and the declared principles
  • developed an adaptive design for more convenient data submission on mobile devices.