SalesCapital AG is a Swiss company that offers exclusive solutions in the sphere of corporate sales for B2B, B2C, Non-Food, FMCG markets in Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA and transmits its experience to developing markets of Russia and Ukraine.
Key moments
Isometric images
Visual solutions with maximum informational value
Pop-up news when clicked on
Original submission, convenient viewing
Thought-over content submission
Infographics, drawings, font selection
Unexpected solutions
Original functions but within the user’s behavior patterns

The main inquiry into the site creation focused on modern design and original solutions.

Pecularities in the work on the project
  • The company works on the international level, so it was necessary to develop the page which would look equally respectable in the USA, Switzerland and Ukraine.
  • The company’s activity is of abstract character and is hard to visualize.
  • The decision-makers are high-rank businessmen the dialog with whom should be built on the corresponding level.
In the work on the site we:
  • paid maximum attention to the content submission: infographics, original images, thoroughly chosen fonts
  • worked out original solutions in functionality (fixed elements while page scrolling, move-out side buttons, language change according to the region being viewed)- this attracts attention, but at the same time doesn’t break the user’s behavior patterns
  • worked out unique isometric images which helped to show possible solutions in different branches
  • chose an original format of news submission – in a pop-up window
  • developed a modern laconic design which corresponds to the level of the company and the declared principles