Roundup is an agriculture product brand belonging to Monsanto international company which sells herbicides – anti-weed agents. The site is devoted solely to the narrow product range of this brand.
Key moments
Automatic change of design elements
Visual materials on the site change according to the season and show the current state of fields
Information about the weather
Not only the current weather is shown but it is also analyzed and recommendations about the use of Roundup products are displayed
Originality check
On the main page we developed a convenient service for checking the originality of the purchased product by entering a protection code from the packaging
Marketing support
A closed part of the site with online knowledge base for distributors, marketing tools and online report forms.

To create a site for a herbicide product which would introduce the Roundup products to farmers, boost sales and help fight with fakes.

The pecularities in the work on the project
  • Our cooperation with Monsanto has been carried out for a few years now: we provide constant maintenance of the site, update information and scale the functionality
  • At the time of the site launch (2013) many elements were innovative and we were among the first to implement them, for example, the integration with the weather service
  • A lot of time was spent on information update and infographic design
  • Visual materials on the site change automatically depending on the season.
  • Information panel on the main page shows the weather in the selected region and recommendations about the use of Roundup products on that day.
  • Originality check mechanism was launched
  • On the Contact page an interactive map was made where on selecting a region the information about the regional representative is shown.
  • Information materials for distributors are kept in the closed part of the site and help effective cooperation and boost sales: presentations, reports, marketing materials etc.
  • The capability of automatic creation of a presentation for salesmen after filling in individual parameters was implemented.