Study Academy

STUDY ACADEMY is the first Ukrainian Academy of English for children, schoolchildren, students and adults. The company has 20-year experience in a wide range of educational services ranging from teaching English and preparation for IELTS to academic preparation for entrance into foreign institutions.
Key moments
New structure of the site
The main menu with a new division into sections and with the basic information just in the menu window
Each page is landing
The possibility to sign up for a course from any page. The result – the increase in conversion from 0.4% to 4.29%
Comparative table for courses
A convenient tool for users which makes a choice easier and boosts sales
Convenient administrative panel
Wide administration capabilities

To create a site for the use in the new direction – English studying – which:

  • is made in a modern style
  • conveniently structures the information about the courses on offer
  • helps to sell education
  • has wide functionality
Pecularities in the work on the project
  • A big team (of about 10 people) from the client’s side took part in it and it was necessary to take into account everyone’s wishes
  • In order to create an effective sales channel and to increase the conversion to work a marketing expert was brought in.
  • A lot of face-to-face meetings and Skype-conferences were held to agree on details
  • To fill in the site a huge amount of information was processed: from the client company’s best practices during all years of its activity to the analysis of tens of competitors’ pages.
  • Before the site was created a few prototypes were developed for preliminary evaluation of the design, functions and the structure of the site.
In the work on the site we:
  • introduced the menu in a new way and diverged from the customary division into sections by age groups
  • decorated the site in a modern design which is flat, laconic and corresponds to the company’s brand identity and has a lot of interesting visual solutions.
  • put the basic information and the possibility to sign up for a course right in the main menu
  • each page was made into a landing one, which resulted in the increase of the conversion from 0.4% to 4.29%
  • worked out an adaptive design for more convenient data submission on mobile devices
  • designed a comparative table for courses
  • implemented wide functionality in the site administration